Over the course of extensive practice, the lawyers of our office have acquired in-depth knowledge in law practice and experience in various legal spheres. Each member of our team is an acknowledged expert in his or her selected field, providing a quality counseling service in legal matters both at Estonian and international level. The division of tasks inside the office and good teamwork is what makes our work efficient. Our working languages are Estonian, English, Russian, German, Finnish, and French.

As a conscious choice, we have concentrated our activities on providing legal assistance for business customers in three major fields – commercial, contract and administrative law.

In our daily work, we choose an action plan based on the specific needs of the client orientated towards an efficient final result. Besides standard legal services, our flexible and client-oriented approach enables us provide an efficient solution for other issues required by the client.

By valuing the time of our clients and to maximise the efficiency of our activities, we closely cooperate with other experts of particular fields: accountants, notaries, bailiffs, trademark attorneys, auditors, economic analysts and others.

In our activities, we are above all orientated towards achieving the result desired by our client, achieved thanks to the competence and long-term experience of our lawyers.

Wishing you pleasant cooperation,

Your Law Office